Best Places for Shopping in Delhi Cheap Price Clothes & Shoes

if you are living in Delhi or Travelling to Delhi for any purpose and planning to buy cheap Clothes then here in this article we will tell you the best places for shopping in Delhi for Clothes & Shoes.

Delhi is very much Famous for Cheap & Best Cloth markets and many Sellers from other states comes to Delhi & Purchase Clothes & other material s in Huge quantity this is because the Prices of the products are cheaper & items are trendy.

Best Places for Shopping in Delhi Cheap Price Clothes & Shoes

Delhi Cheap Price Clothes & Shoes markets

There are many markets in the But we will talk The best ones here and only those markets which offers clothes and other items on cheap prices.

1. Chandni Chowk Market –

We all know the Chandani Chowk

Chandani Chowk is Most popular market for Cheap products And the Best thing is that it is located near the New Delhi & old Delhi Railway Station so you can always explore these markets if you have time.

Chandni Chowk is Famous for old Delhi things like Food & Traditional Clothes.

Chandni Chowk market is best for purchasing these items –

  • Clothes both ladies & Gents
  • Shoes
  • Watches
  • Decoration Products ( Diwali Lights & More ).

2. karolBagh Market –

Another big market situated near the Blue line Station karol bagh. The karol bagh Market is Huge & There are variety of shops which offers good quality clothes & Shoes.

if you are the one who is looking for trendy Clothes like Jeans , Shirts n Plazo then you must visit karolbagh Market. The range of the products starts from nearly 300 Rupees But you have to bargain with the Seller to Reduce the price.

When you visit the Shops here you will observe that almost all the shops ave Sale- Sale banner just to attract you. There are Brand Showrooms in karolbagh market but if you want cheap clothes then you can always visit nearby area or metro station.

Karolbagh market is Best For –

  • Jeans
  • ladies Clothes
  • Shoes/Belts/Wallets
Best Places for Shopping in Delhi Cheap Price Clothes & Shoes

3. Janpath Market

Another well knows market for clothes – The Janpath market is located near Rajiv Chowk metro Station. This market is Huge and also has underground market. You can Enjoy sitting outside in parks around the market and go inside anytime to explore the Janpath Shops.

There is a huge place for this market the mainly deals in Clothes Both men’s and ladies. if you want to buy jackets you must come here to get some very good jackets at cheap price.

But Remember the Shopkeepers here identify their customer first when you ask the price they will ttell you high price but if you start walking away they will reduce the price and after some time they will ask you what will you give ? so better don’t let him know your final demand and price.

The quality of the products is average here so don’t pay high price 🙂

4. Sarojini Nagar market

This is the Best market for shopping all the time you get all the good stuff all over the year. One of the most popular and cheapest market in Delhi which offers clothes , Decoration Products , Home Curtains , Blankets , Shoes and Much More.

The Rates are very Reasonable here and if you Bargain here you will get a great deal. You will see so many decoration related stuff in the streets of this Sarojini Market that will make you buy at least one.

This market is mainly for ladies – in Case you want to buy good Trendy clothes in Cheap Price you can Visit this market. you get Clothes , Glasses , Mats , Necklace , Ear rings , wallets , bags and much more here. How ever the place is full of crowd as there are thousands of people like us who come here for shopping.

you just need to travel to Sarojini nagar metro and one minute walk will take you to the Sarojini nagar market.

5. Khan market

Not Cheaper But it is one of the most expensive market in Delhi

One of the oldest and Best markets in Delhi – Khan market is best known for Food. The best place to taste some really delicious items. if you are a food blogger you must visit this place.

Khan Market has all type of Restaurants like – Chinese, Thai , mexican and Japanese.

So These are the best Places for Shopping in Delhi Cheap Price Clothes & Shoes according to me before purchasing anything do visit these markets for good discounts.

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We will Cover Gaffar market , Kamla Nagar market in the next Article.