Best Places to Buy Groceries in Delhi to get Huge Discounts 2020

Due to Corona Pandemic we are in a situation where we can not go to malls, and Shops were there is a huge crowd as we all know we have to maintain social Distancing. So we require important items for out daily use in Home.

We all want to save money While shopping & fulfilling our daily house needs so in this article we are going to tell you about some places where you can Grocery Shopping as well as Clothes Shopping on low Prices. Here are the Best Places to Buy Groceries in Delhi

Best Places to Buy Groceries in Delhi to get Huge Discounts 2020

Best Places to Buy Groceries in Delhi

To Avoid going to places where there is a huge crowd you can also order Food Items , vegetables , and other Grocery items from these Stores online.These Companies/Brands are following the guidelines properly & really Dispatching items with precautions.

You without any problem , you Can just Open their Sites or Apps & order anything Online on Low Prices. The only Drawback is that it will take some time like 1-2 Days for the Delivery But that’s okay you will get your items Delivered to your Home 🙂

You Can just tell the Delivery boys to keep the items outside the door or Anywhere you want to avoid contact for extra safety 🙂

Best Places for grocery Items –

if you Live in the Capital City Delhi , you have variety of shops & marts that sells items on low rates and you can save some bucks but here we will Discuss only about the Best one’s.

Here is The List –

  • Reliance Smart ( Jio Mart For Online )
  • Spar
  • Big Basket
  • Grofers
  • Vishal Mega mart
  • Spencer’s

1. Reliance Smart – Jio Mart

The Old & most trustworthy Store Reliance Smart is one of the most popular Stores to buy grocery items on low prices. They have many Stores in Delhi you Can search for one nearest to your home.

The Best thing about Reliance Smart is the Variety of products Available here You get products of every Big brand here and that too on cheap rates. if you visit the Reliance Smart stores you will see many offers/Discounts through out the year. Offers like Buy one get one Free & Buy One & get Something Free with that product are always available.

The have Joined Stores Reliance Smart = Reliance Fresh in Some places in Delhi so the benefit here is you get Fresh & vegetables Fruits. You Can Simply Visit their store for Fresh vegetables anytime. ( Go in the Morning ).

Reliance has already Started their Online Delivery Services due to pandemic & offering great Discounts & Free Delivery offers. You Can order anything that you used to get from Reliance Smart offline before on

Benefits :

  • Fresh Vegetables & Fruits.
  • Discounts on All the products
  • Discounts on Food Items Like Biscuits, Mixtures & other items.
  • Wide variety of products choose according to you.
  • You will pay according to the Weight of Fruits & vegetables So no loss for you and Them.
  • Free Home Delivery ( Following Proper Guidelines & Taking Safety Precautions).
  • Door to Door Delivery ( you don’t have to go anywhere to take the Delivery ).
  • Your items will be packed in bag/polythene. ( You don’t have to pay ) so no Tension to take bag while the Delivery Boy Comes.
  • You will Receive message from them when they are going to Deliver the Items ( just Like E commerce Sites ) – You Can track your order on
Best Places to Buy Groceries in Delhi to get Huge Discounts 2020

2. SPAR market

SPAR is another name when we think about Buying Grocery items. They usually have their Stores in malls, you can easily find their Stores in any malls in Delhi. Generally their Stores are located in underground so before stepping to words lifts do check underground floor for SPAR Market.

SPAR has also started their Online Door to door Services for grocery items. you Can either go to their store of purchasing or you can order online. if you compare their vegetables rates & Fruit rates with Reliance Smart you will find no big difference just 1-2 Rupees more then Reliance Smart.

Benefits :

  • Free Items When you order Online ( When you place any order they will Show you the free items if you Spend the Minimum Amount ).
  • They Give Free items like – 1 Kg Aata , 1 Litre Oil , Mugs , vegetables cutting accessories etc.
  • Fast Delivery ( generally takes 1 Day )
  • Good Packaging & Safe Delivery.

Problems –

  • You Have to take bag or Something with you when the Delivery boy Comes ( they Don’t give bags ).
  • when you explore products on their website most of the products are of their own brand SPAR ( you don’t have the chance to choose from variety of product) so you need to Compromise with Brand.

3. Big Basket

Big basket is famous for Delivering Fresh Fruits & vegetables. You may have seen many ads on TV Shahrukh Khan promoting BIG BASKET.

The Prices for Grocery items are generally high when compared to Reliance Smart. But Their Delivery Speed is good. Sometimes they deliver in the same day & sometimes after the Day. it totally depends on the orders & Delivery Boys Available.


  • Fast Delivery
  • Safe & Secure Packaging
  • Cashback offers When you pay Online ( Wallets ).
  • Door to Door delivery- the Delivery bot will keep your items outside your Hose/ Door but you don;t get any bag to collect all items at once.

Problems – The only problem we faced with them that is

  • Sometimes they Deliver Old Vegetables & Fruits.

4. Grofers

Started in 2013 Grofers has managed to provide good Services to the Customers. They Offer great Discounts on the Products that attracts the Customers.

You get Huge Discounts on almost all the items on Grofers. if you want to order items online you can Just download Grofers app or visit their Website. You get Free Delivery for placing your First order later You get Updates about offers via SMS.

Benefits –

  • Fast & Secure Delivery.
  • Good packaging & taking all safety precautions.
  • Huge Discounts
  • Fresh vegetables/Fruits ( online or offline )

5. Vishal Mega Mart

Vishal Mega Mart is Gaining popularity now a days they also did partnership with flipkart to provide grocery Delivery Services. They also provide good offers like buy one get one free with many of the products.

but the only thing is they Don’t have many Stores Like Reliance Smart so you have to search one & Visit or Order. you Can also purchase clothes here in low prices range starts from 99 for Shirts.

They do provide free Items when you shop for Certain Amount. they can provide free products like Sugar when you shop for 1000 Rupees or more. if you cross 5000 shopping you get huge discount and Good products for free.

Problems – They Don’t provide vegetable & Fruits items. so if you are searching to fruits & vegetables you can try the above stores/marts for better experience.

6. Spencer

Spencer is for Online Shopping , they have less stores and making more stores in many places. You Can Always order online from SPENCER.

The problem is when you explore their website for ordering online you find that many of the products are out of stock and you just have to compromise with limit.

So these are the Best Grocery Stores Where you get huge Discounts. We will Update more places to buy Groceries in Delhi.

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