Number of Corona Virus Patients Increases in Punjab

The Whole World is Suffering from the Dangerous Virus Called Corona and Corona Cases are Increasing Day by Day in India too. On 20 March The Count of patents increases to 3 from 2.

This new Case if From Mohali. The Lady Has come from United Kingdom to India. The lady is 69 Years Old. The Whole Area is Sealed after the Case has Come. The Women will be kept in The Civil Hospital For the Treatment.

Number of Corona Virus Patients Increases in Punjab

The Other Cases in Punjab are From NawaSehar & Distt. Hoshiarpur. These 3 Corona Patients are under Isolation Wards.

Corona Virus Effect in Punjab

As the Govt. of India is Issuing Advisories the Punjab Govt. is Dealing with the Corona issue Seriously. The Punjab Govt has Announced That The Bus Services Will also be Stopped 7 Shops Will Remain Closed.

We Have Seen That Vegetable Markets are also Closed in Punjab Due to Corona Virus. The Safety Precautions should be Followed & as a responsible Citizens People Should Cooperate With the Govt. and other Health Organisations.

The Main Purpose for Closing All The Restaurants , Parks, Cinema , malls is to Stop the people from Large Gathering. The Govt. Orders that There Should not be any gathering of More Than 50 People But later Changed to 20 People as the Virus is Spreading in More Humans.

Some of the Safety Precautions You Must Follow –

  • Wash Your Hand Properly with Handwash.
  • Use Sanitiser after every 25-30 Minutes.
  • Use Sanitiser Whenever you go Outside.
  • Try To Spray Sanitiser inside your Home ( On Tables , Doors, Remotes etc )
  • Clean Your Mobile Device Two Times a Day.
  • Do Not Touch You Eyes, Nose Again & Again.
  • Do Not Rub Your Eyes.
  • Wear Mask Whenever you go outside.
  • Say NAMASTE & Avoid Hand Shake.

If You Observe any Change in your Health Do Call your Friends ( Doctors ) and ask their Suggestion.You Can Call on The Helpline Numbers issued by The Govt. & Health Organisations. There is no need To Be panic if You Follow the Precautions Properly and Stay At Home You Will be Safe.

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