Best Places to Buy Cricket bats in India – Bats For Cricket Lovers

are you a Cricket Freak ? Planning to but cricket bat ?

If yes the this article will help you to decide from where to buy Cricket Bats & how to select perfect bat for long life. In India Meerut is known for the sports products and even Players of India cricket teams orders bats from here for training and as well as to play international matches.

Best Places to Buy Cricket bats in India - Bats For Cricket Lovers

Jalandhar in the state of Punjab is also famous for producing sports goods it is also famous place for gym equipment’s an Machines.

Actually There are Three types of Bats Which is Produced by the Cricket Industries They are –

  1. Selected Willow
  2. Kashmir Willow
  3. English Willow

So let’s Discuss about These

  1. Selected Willow – These types of bats are Cheaper and the wooden used in these types of Bats is not so good & There is no shine in the wood. if you are looking for a bat just for playing in home or for Street cricket then you can go for Selected Willow bats.

2. Kashmir Willow – Kashmir Willow bats are perfect bats for any type of cricket they lasts long & cheaper then English Willow Bats. Bats made from Kashmir Willow are strong & They are Well Shaped. when you hold Kashmir willow bat in your hand you get the feel so good. Kashmir Willow bats are Sold in India from 800 Rupees to 3000 Rupees.

3. English Willow – English Willow is The Finest Willow that all the cricket players & Fans. These English Willow bats are smooth, Shiny & of perfect Shape. The work done to give the final Touch to English Willow bat is so professional that you can’t even identify any loophole or any Default.

These English Willow bats produce Best Sound When the ball comes on the bat. Have you ever been in Stadium ? Heard Sound of Bat & Ball ? Yes the Same sound you will hear when you Pay with English Willow bat.

The Price of English Willow Bats are High if you buy it from the Factory then you can get from 5000 Rupees. English Willow bats are more Durable.

Should You Buy Cricket Bats Online ?

Honestly Speaking, NO , You Should not buy a Bat From online platform. when you plan to buy Cricket Bat just go to any Sports Factory or any Shop that deals with Cricket Products.

If you order from online you will not be satisfied with the product as there will be lots of miss representation in online Information.

You always need to hold a bat in your hands & Check the Weight and shape of the Bat While Selecting one. so it’s better to buy Cricket Bats Offline.

Which Brand is good For Cricket bats ?

Well There are Hundreds of Brands in The market Specially in India Where Cricket is loved by Almost everyone. so here are some Best Brands for Cricket Bats

  • SG
  • KookaBoora
  • Grey Nicoles
  • Reebok
  • Puma
  • Adidas

if you are in Punjab Go to Jalandhar City to explore some good bats. If in Delhi then, Sports Complex.