How to enhance your Smartphone Camera Quality – Tricks 2020

If you want to enhance your smartphone camera quality & ready to take amazing shots to share on Instagram & Facebook then here are some tricks you can follow –

we all want to post pics on Instagram & wants to show the Best moments of our life. Not everyone has a photographer friend who has some professional skills and now all of us can afford Camera’s so we take all the pictures from our Smartphones.

How to enhance your Smartphone Camera Quality - Tricks 2020

You Don’t need any professional Photographer ๐Ÿ™‚

You Just need Google Camera ๐Ÿ™‚ Now What’s that ? Is it a Camera By Google ?

No, its an Camera application made by Google and the picture quality is really awesome if you use it you will observe the difference. The default camera is not so good when we compare it google cam.

Well Not all the Phones supports it But most of the smartphones do. i will tell You my Story I have 2 Smartphones – LG Optimus & Mi A2. I tried Using google cam in both the devices But it doesn’t work in Lg ( i think the phone is old and don’t have any high Specifications).

But it worked in Mi A2 perfectly and Now whenever i need a photo i just use google cam and ignore Default Camera.

Some good thing I observed after using Google Cam –

  • Details Quality Increased.
  • The Nigh Mode takes Awesoeme Shots.
  • faster Then Default Camera.
  • The Portrait mode takes more beautiful Shots

The Problems i faced with Default Smartphone Camera

I used the Default modes camera as i was not aware about the Google Camera

In LG Optimus

  • Slow Rendering
  • Less options ( Filters )
  • The Night Mode was really Bad.
  • No Details in The Pictures.

IN MI A2 –

  • Less Filters & Effects
  • The Quality was poor ( If compared with google cam )
  • No Updates ( Bugs in Camera )
  • Sometimes when I took Portrait shots i Observed that it takes 4-5 secs to save in Gallery.

if yoy have a mid range smartphone with 2gb RAM then you need to try google camera I am sure you Will Get better results.

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