How To Make Bhangra Beats in Laptop/PC – in 2020

How To Make Bhangra Beats in Laptop/PC - in 2020

Hey Buddies, Today in this article we will learn how we can make Amazing Bhangra beats while sitting in Home in Simple & easy steps.

If you are planing to Remix a Song or Want to Record your Own Song then you must know how to create Bhangra Beats that will make everyone dance on your Songs and Remixes. so let’s start the Bhangra making process Now –

Things you Need to Create Amazing Bhangra Beats at Home –

So Are you ready to Create DJ Beats ! Lets Know The Secrets

So Guys The First Thing you Need is laptop or a PC and Second thing is a software to produce Beats and Master them. There are many software’s available on the internet both free and paid Tools but We will Go with free One –

So the Software you need is FRUITY LOOPS You Can Download it from their official website. you can either use their free version or Paid one. But I am Sharing y Story here so we will go with Free Version of Fruity Loops.

WHAT after installing Fruity loops ?

So guys In this software we Can Add Drum Beats & Mix Them you can download Bhangra DHOL Beats from Internet and add them to the Fruity loops or you can add loops from the table and join them and mix them.

Mixing them is not so hard you just need to drag the loops and Settle on the line that’s it.

There are so Many Loops Available – i suggest you to go with Bhagnra Beats & tumbi Beats it will take your Beatd next level and When you listen to them you will start dancing on the Beats.

Beats i Used to create –

I Used Bhagnra & Tumbi loops ( Bhangra Slow & Tumbi Slow one on High Pitch ) you can also use Tabla if you are making Slow Type of Beats Traditional Beats.

Home –