How to Increase Telegram Channel Members in 2020

Do you want to increase your telegram channel members ? If you wan to make your Telegram channel like a brand you need to follow some ticks. You need patience you need to work hard for at least 2 Months.

How to Increase Telegram Channel Members in 2020

After two months your organic reach will start & you will get more then 500 members in a day afterwards. So how to do that ? What are the Tricks to take your telegram Channel to another level and make it super active ?

Here You Go 🙂

First Thing is You Need to Download the Telegram app and make an Account. it is super easy to make an account then create a Channel.

Things you need to keep in mind While Creating Telegram Channel –

The Channel name should be Short & Easy To Remember

  • (Supposes i am making memes Channel on telegram then my telegram Channel name should be like – Memes Daily , Memes Rail , 9 use Simple Words ) Which are easy to remember)
  • Always make the Channel Public ( So that any one can Search & Join the Channel )
  • Upload an Attractive DP ( Should be Related to the name of channel & Stuff you are going to Post )

How To Increase Telegram Channel members

  • After You Created channel Tel your 10-20 Friends to join the Channel.
  • From the very first day start Posting 10 Posts in a Day your channel.
  • Don’t Upload old Stuff ( always Share Trending Content. ( ex- We made a memes Group & Suppose Something is getting viral then you have to Create memes ob That Topic).
  • Create memes by using Canva or Any Other Android app.
  • Always Mention your Channel name ( in Small Fonts ) – anywhere in the meme picture.
  • Keep on Posting the Stuff & keep on increasing it.

Now after 2 Weeks you need to Search the Related Groups or Channels who shares memes like stuff.

  • Join Those Groups
  • Start Posting New Pictures in the group.
  • Try To Reach the Admin of the page & tell him About your Page now it’s time to Work together.
  • Allow Him to Post i your Group & in the same way he Will Promote Your Channel/Group.
  • Do it for 2 Weeks & You Will Start observing Organic Reach in the Group.
  • You Group name will Show on The top of Search bar whenever someone Writes memes.
  • They Will See Your Group & Join it for Sure.

That’s it, it will take 2 months to completely grow you on telegram but make sure you post Daily in your group & Channel it helps the group to stay active.

You Can Also Others to post in Your Group keep an eye on them who are sharing stuff in your channel or Group ( They try To Promote Their Channel Sometimes ).

Once you get 5000 members the numbers will keeps on increasing but you should interact with your group members on Regular Basis.

Drive Your Instagram Followers into Telegram Group

The Best Way to Increase telegram Group Members fast is to create Channels/profiles on other social media platforms.

When you Reach 10K followers Start posting Stories ( 10 Stories per Day ) 7 Start Promoting your telegram Channel. There is high possibility that your Instagram Followers will join your telegram group.

You Can Also add Vote options in Instagram Stories Asking your Followers to give their Opinions Whether they are interested to Join us on telegram or Not.

Drive members from You Tube

How to Increase Telegram Channel Members in 2020

Which is the Best Way To Increase telegram Channel members ? i will Say you tube but Why ? Here is the Answer – You tube is Huge platform and if you are working on a channel Related to studies or Sharing valuable information then the it’s the Best Way to Convert your Subscribers to telegram Group Members.

How Can you Do it ?

it’s not very Complicated’ Suppose you have a Channel Related to Studies Where you share Notes, Pattern for exams & Concepts For Exams then you can Share PDF Files in telegram group .

Your Subscribers wants to keep notes & important PDF Files which will help them to Study in Short Period at the time of Revision they Can just take help of those notes or Files You Shared in your telegram Groups.

Suppose you have a Channel On current affairs where your discuss about daily Current Affairs – Start Providing the Current Affairs PDF files in Group. they can refer them when they don;t have time to watch your videos on you tube.

Put your telegram Channel/Group link in You tube Description Box & Try To Provide the Files in Both English & Hindi language. This technique is the Best to increase members faster.

For Better Results Start posting –

  • Important PDF Files
  • MOCK Tests
  • Quizzes Related to Current Affairs
  • Provide Daily One PDF Files To Users In Hindi & English.

In this way you can also Drive Traffic to your Website. You Can prepare quizzes related to Current affairs & take Tests on your Website. Prepare Weekly Quiz Questions that you Discussed in your videos.

Your Subscribers will surely come to your Website to give tests & Check whether they remember those current affairs or not.

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