IPL 2020 – Number of Matches Per Team Will Reduce ?

IPL 2020 Was Scheduled to Start on 29th March 2020 But Due To Corona Virus Fear The BCCI Has Decided to Postpone The IPL From 29th March 2020 To APRIL 15th.

IPL 2020 - Number of Matches Per Team Will Reduce ?

The Corona has Spread all over the World & Countries has Declared Emergency & Due to Corona Virus All The gatherings Are CancelledSo That There will be No Gatherings of people. The Safety Precautions are Necessary to Fight With Corona.

BCCI Statement – Read Here

As we all know that IPL 2020 is Postponed & We are Supporting the Decision by The Officials as The Public Health is More Important. But We Can Expect Changes For IPL 2020 Season As it is Postponed For Now –

IPL 2020 How Many Matches For One Team ?

As the Indian Premier League 2020 Season is Postponed There might be Some Changes that can happen – As The outsider players Have to Go Back to their Respected Countries for other Game Events.

The BCCI may Reduce the Number of Matches to be played in IPL But till now it is Not Officially Announced. The BCCI will Look at the Situation & Conduct the Matches.

15th is Not a Final Date it may be Extended till Further Notices. if the Situation is Under Controlled From Corona the Sports Events will get Started.

IPL 2020 to be Held Without Public ?

We Were Expecting This – We Thought The IPL will Start in March But the matches will Be Played Without the Crowd in Stadium. But We All Know The Craze of Cricket in India & BCCI Knows That happiness of Cricket Fans is Also Important.

But ! Yes if the Situation is Dangerous Then the Safety Precautions are to be Followed & The IPL Matches may be Held Without The Public as The Main Motive is to Stop Gathering People.

We Request you to STAY AT HOME & STAY SAFE. Wash Your Hands & Say NAMASTE In Place of Shaking Hands.


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