How To Earn Money From Panel Station App – India 2020

if you are a college student and want to cover your daily expanses and looking for easy ways to get some money into your pocket then here are the steps you need to follow In This article we will tell you how you can make money with the help of Panel Station App India.

How To Earn Money From Panel Station App - India 2020

When I was in College I used to search on the internet How to make money , How to make quick money type of stuff because at that age we all want to earn money to meet our expenses. In the last year of my degree i came to Know about the Panel Station app. An app which is really genuine & pays you for completing the surveys.

So let’s know the process deeply –

What is Panel Station App ?

So Basically The panel Station app is an Android app which pays you for Completing the Surveys.The want to take feedback from the users about the products & Services. The Brands & E-Commerce Sites like Amazon and Flip kart takes feed back via panel Station.

In Starting you will get Simple & Short Surveys they will take 5 Minutes to Complete. When you complete 4-5 Surveys then you start getting long surveys which takes nearly 20 minutes to complete. Don’t Worry in this article we will also discuzz how to get more and more Surveys & make More Money.

Now you might be interesting in knowing –

How much Money For Completing the Surveys ?

Well there is no Fix amount and you will not earn money directly When you complete the Survey on panel station app you are given some Points (between 100-1000 Points). Once the Points reaches to 3000 you can receive money in your Paytm wallet or in bank Account.

How to Receive Money from Panel Station App ?

Once you Reach 3000 Points you can Redeem them and convert them into cash. 3000 Points = 300 Indian Rupees. You Can Withdraw them in Paytm Wallet or Directly in your bank Account.

How Much Time it Will take to Receive Money?

How Much Time it Will take to Receive Money?

The money will be transferred in your account in 5-6 working Days.

Hope Everything is clear & let’s discuss the ways that will help you to get more & more Surveys –

How to get More Surveys in Panel Station App?

Once you are Registered on Panel App its time to get surveys and how to get more & more surveys ? Follow these steps –

  • While making an account Select Cities like – Delhi, Mumbai , Bangalore , Chennai, Chandigarh and Noida. Because the companies wants to know the users views from the big cities it wil help them to understand what exactly Customer Wants.
  • Always give honest reviews about the product & take time to read them ( The Time Count matters the Developers whether the user is actually reading the questions or not ).
  • If you put age above 25 the You will get more surveys but Why ? Because they want to know what are the things you are planning to buy in the future ? from where do you buy Products ?

That’s it in starting it will take time for me it took almost 4-5 days to get my 2 Survey and then the no. kept on increasing.

Advantages of Panel Station App –

let’s Come to advantages of the app because it will give you a better idea –

  • it is real & Genuine app.
  • Fast Transactions.
  • Fast Response from the Team (when yo contact Them )
  • Lot’s of Surveys
  • More Points form Long Surveys ( you can easily earn 3000 Points ).

Disadvantages of Panel Station App –

There are many Disadvantages –

  • Sometimes the surveys Do not match with our Profile & you will get a message that the survey didn’t match after you spend 10-15 Minutes to complete it.
  • you Can not pause the Survey & complete it later.
  • it will show you many surveys in the Dashboard but when you click on it & fill details it becomes invisible and Dashboard Becomes empty.

If you are a student or a House Wife you can make some money by siting at home on your smartphone. Here are some things you need to keep in mind while registering on Panel app

if you want to get money in your Paytm wallet make sure you

  • Register with the same Mobile Number Which is Connected with paytm Wallet.
  • use the same name that you are using on Paytm Wallet.

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