Punjab Lock Down Till 31st March – Govt. Announced

Punjab Lock Down Till 31st March - Govt. Announced

So The Breaking News is Coming from Punjab that Due to Corona Virus Punjab is Lock Down Till 31st March 2020. The Punjab Govt. has Officially Declared it. The Cases of Corona Virus are Increasing in the State.

The Country is Observing The Janta Curfew Today And we See No Vehicle on The Roads , The Shops are Closed And People are Staying at Home Today. The Prime Minister Modi Has Requested its Citizens to Follow the Janta Curfew and Stay At Home For The Self Safety.

Corona Virus Punjab Lock Down

The Punjab Govt. is Taking the Necessary Precautions that will Safeguard The People. The More we take care of our self the More we are safe. The Virus is Dangerous and the Health Ministries & Doctors are Really Working Hard to Treat The People.

The Govt. May Extend the Lock Down if the Cases of Corona Keeps on Decreasing. we Hope People follow the Guidelines and Precautions properly and take care of themselves.

We Request you To Please Cooperate with The Govt. and Other Organisations to provide them the proper Information if you Observe any one Who may be a Victim of Corona. Please Do Tell Them That You Will Be alright after Some Days just Go To Hospital & get isolated.

There is no need of Panic.


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