Rozgar Bazaar Delhi Govt Job Portal launched – How To Get Jobs ? Details

The Delhi Govt. has launched a Rozgar bazaar Job portal to help people in getting jobs easily. They have launched the website –

Delhi Cm Arvind Kejriwal Said that their officials are trying hard to understand the needs of the people and trying to help them so that they can survive easily. The Website is launched for the people who lost their previous jobs , works due to corona virus pandemic. Anyone can Register on the Rozgar bazaar Job portal Website and & apply for the jobs.

Rozgar Bazaar Delhi Govt Job Portal launched - How To Get Jobs ? Details

The Job Portal is started to decrease the unemployment which has increased rapidly after the Corona Pandemic & lockdown. Any one can simply Register on the Delhi govt job portal Rozgar bazaar Website with phone number and browse different job categories.

Delhi CM Arvind kejriwal Said – We are getting very good response from the Job Seekers & Companies hiring for workers. He Added that this website will help people to get a job and company to get workers to produce the Products & other services.

He also added that more than 3 Lakh people have registered and about 8000 Companies has registered for hiring on The Delhi Govt; job portal. He said we haven’t expected this in such a short period of time.

How to Register on Rozgar bazaar Delhi govt Job Website ?

  • Registration process is very Simple you Just need to visit
  • Click on i Want a Job
  • Fill your Mobile Number & Register on the Website.
  • Now you are Registered and its time to fill details about you like – Name , Education , email id etc.
  • Now Login with with your mobile & browse the jobs you are interested in.

How will You Get a Job ?

  • Make sure you fill all the Details while Registering.
  • All the Details about you is visible to the Employer.
  • They will contact you if you meet their Criteria & they are interested in you.
  • The Employer can contact you via Phone m=Number or Via Whatsapp.

Can I Apply For More Than One Job ?

Yes, Anyone can apply for any job , as many as they want to. if you are interested in applying jobs for more companies apply it without hesitating.

Visit the Website Here –