How to Speed Up Mi A1 ( Android One ) – 2020 My Personal Tips

How to Speed Up Mi A1 ( Android One ) - 2020 My Personal Tips

So Are you the one looking to speed up your Mi A1 Smartphone ? Is your Phone Running Slow & Camera Taking Time to Click Pictures ? Then Here are the tips that you can follow to Boost Up the Performance of your Redmi Mi A1 Device.

Guys i Am using This Smartphone from the last 4 Years and till now it is my Primary Phone that i use to make videos and take some amazing pictures.

But Yes i have Observed some bugs that are making my phone very slow – First Let Me Tell You The Problems that i Faced on My Mi A1 and How i Speed up Mi A1

  • Camera app takes more time to open.
  • Camera takes long time to Click Pictures and Saving them.
  • Phone Gets Stuck When i Use 3-4 Apps and Minimize them.

These are the some Problems that i Faced and may be you are facing the same problems in your Mi A1 Smartphone.

So Let’s Try To Fix Them 🙂

So Guys i Will Tel You The exact steps that i followed and Believe me my Smartphone started working Fast.

I had nearly 49 Apps installed in the smartphone and i rarely use them like everyone i use Just Instagram , Messenger, Youtube and 2-3 others. So i Tried Uninstalling the Apps that are not of any use. Another mistake is did that i keep all the apps updated but now i don;t do that.

Make sure that you uninstall the unnecessary apps that you don’t use it will free up space from your smartphone. if you use all the apps then make sure that you don’t always update the apps try to update them only when the app gives a Notification on the Screen.

Juts Try It It Will boost your Smartphone performance

Problem – 2

For The Smooth Functioning of camera make sure that your camera app is updated and Whenever you try to Record Videos don’t record them in Full HD or 4K Quality if you don’t have much Space.

Second thing is that always keep your Trash Folder Empty it will save the Internal Space.

if The Smartphone is still Running slow You Can Try Factory Reset.