Cowboys Top Forbes NFL List Again most valuable Franchise in NFL

Forbes has calculated the Cowboys as the most valuable franchise in the NFL for the 12th straight year. 

Cowboys, Who have only made the playoffs four times in the last 12 Seasons, are worth $8 billion. Which is up 23% from last year.

The Top five in the NFL most valuable franchises are The New England Patriots ($6.6bn), Super Bowl Champion Los AnglesRams ($6.2bn), New York Giants ($6bn), & Chicago Bears ($5.8bn).

Jerry Jones, the owner of Cowboys south his team for $140m in 1989 Which is equivalent to $330m now in 2022.

‘They have the largest fanbase in the Country & still the most watched team’ said a Reporter.

According to Forbes - The average value of the NFL’s 32 teams rose 28% from last year.

NFL generated nearly $18bn in revenue in last year & expected to reach nearly $25bn by 2027.

Cincinnati Bengal bags last Position with $3 billion worth in NFL most valuable Franchise.