MrBeast Hits 100 million Subscribers on youtube While live Streaming

Source - Social media

On Thursday, July 28, MrBeast’s main YouTube channel surpassed 100 million subscribers

MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, celebrated the rare achievement by watching his subscriber count in a livestream on YouTube

His youtube Channel fifth to reach the milestone, behind T-Series, Cocomelon, SET India, and PewDiePie.

MrBeast plans to release new merchandise via an exclusive shoppable livestream on YouTube

He’ll upload one of his most expensive videos ever on Aug. 4

Over a million people celebrated 100,000,000 subscribers with me 📷 YouTube is the one thing that’s always made me happy and I’m grateful I get to do this all day everyday :)

“Also I just want to say that no matter how big I get I’ll never own a mansion, yacht, Lamborghini etc. All I want is to make the best videos possible and help as many people as I can while doing it,” MrBeast tweeted.

Donaldson has been posting YouTube videos since 2012

His videos began taking off in 2018 as he started making content that showed him giving large amounts of money to strangers