Vanessa Bryant Deserves $42.5 Million for Crash Photos Distress, Lawyers Tell Jury.

On the 44th anniversary of the birth of NBA legend Kobe Bryant,

Vanessa, asked a jury in federal court here Tuesday to deliver justice on behalf of him and his daughter more than two years after their deaths.

This was the 10th day of Vanessa Bryant’s civil trial against Los Angeles County, another day of tears for her and the final day of testimony after hearing from dozens of witnesses.

Attorneys representing Los Angeles County will offer rebuttals on Wednesday on what will be the 11th day of the trial

Chester's attorney, Jerome Jackson, proposed that the jury award each plaintiff $2.5 million for their suffering over the last two years, and as much as $1 million a year for the rest of their lives.

Jackson said Chester, 48, should get $30 million and Vanessa, 40, should get $40 million in future damages.

Bryant teared up as her attorney described a firefighter taking pictures of her daughter Gianna's mangled body to keep as "souvenirs."

According to Bloomberg, many of the individuals who snapped and shared the pictures have since erased the photos or got rid of the phones, which makes it nearly impossible to determine how widely the photos were shared.

Bryant's attorney said "either the photos will surface, confirming their worst fears or they'll spend the rest of their lives living in fear that they will."

Lawyers for the county are due to present their closing argument on Wednesday.