Can We Play GTA 5 In imac ? Here are the Simple Steps to Play GTA 5

Hello Buddies How are you all ! Hope you are doing great. So We are sitting in our homes because of lock Down and bored. We want to play games but not sure whether you Can play in imac or mac ? We are talking about one of the biggest game GTA 5 :

What if i tell you that you can play GTA 5 in Your Apple Computer ? It’s Sounds good right ? Well The Truth is you can really play the game in Imac. The Size of GTA 5 is huge so if you buy & Download the game and if it does not work the you will get frustrated. Because Downloading the game it self requires lot’s of patience.

Even i got the same questions in my mind ‘ Whether the game will actually work ? ” or Whether it will tun smoothly in my PC ? ” But then Purchased the GTA 5 premium For 14$ and Started Downloading. The size was something around 95 GB and that’s Huge.

it took 4 Days & 3 Nights to Download the Complete game. My Pc was running continues for These many Days and guess what happened ?

I Installed the Setup.exe and it took 6 Hours to install the game successfully into my PC. then what happened ?

When I Double clicked on the site it showed my some error that file was missing. then i installed official Software from Microsoft then again restarted my computer.

and yes the game started and i assure you that it runs smoothly after installing.

So What are the things you Need To Play GTA 5 ? in imac

the first thing you need is PATIENCE. Then follow these steps –

  • Divide Disk Sapace – BOOTCAMP – and install Windows 10.
  • Install all the important software
  • Must Install Directx
  • Must Install Microsoft framework
  • Ram 8 GB ( For Smooth Running )

that’s it If you do These You are ready to enter in GTA Arena. if you get some type of errors like – DLL file missing you can go to official sites and download it. Don’t download the from any other sites which are not trusted.

Always Buy the Game you get it under 15$ now because that will be of premium version.Never Download a game from internet for free When it comes to Biggest Games having Huge Sizes.

Most of them have viruses that will destroy your computer always go with trusted Sources.

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