How Sports Can Change Your Life in India ?

Are you a sportsman and wondering that it will help you in building your career or not ? then this article will help you to understand & grab the opportunities that can make settle your life.

we all know the importance of Sports in our daily life and we always promotes sports in young generation But Why ? Because it will make them strong & enhance their fitness level.

Can Sports change your Life ?

How Sports Can Change Your Life in India ?

YES, In India Sports is the Biggest opportunity that you can grab as a sportsman. If you are a national level player that you get many benefits. If you are a student and thinking what will sports do in your life ? let me tell you that it can make your career & You Get will get Respect everywhere.

Sport Benefits in India –

In India Govt promotes Sports in every School & College but Why ? it’s not to entertain Students. it’s because the interested students can make their career with their interests.

Not Everyone is good in studies some are really good in sports and they represent their School name in many Competitions.

As a Sportsman Govt’ Gives you These benefits –

  • You Will get Sports Quota Reservation for govt’ jobs.
  • If you are national level player then the organizations will invite you to play for them. You will Just Play Sports and get Paid ( it’s a permanent Job).
  • if you Represent Your State in Sports You Get many Offers From the Sports Govt. to join the Police Department ( High Ranks ).
  • You Can Join Military & Paramilitary Forces and play for them.

And if you are School Student you get many benefits like –

  • Extra marks
  • Free Camp Visits
  • Chance to meet Sports Stars
  • Free Shoes & jacket By Schools
  • Certificates That will help you to get Job.

Can Sports get you a Govt. job ?

YES, There are many players from Cricket itself – the State Govt. offers jobs to sportsman.

There are many sportsman in India who are elected as SP, DSP in Police Departments. They get high ranks not because of studies but because of sports. it is the token of appreciation that State govt’ will give you.

When you Play For India you will be the Respectful person in the Society. You will be Invites for the various Functions & Sports Meets or Schools 7 Colleges.

Beneficial Certificates for Students –

  • Regional Level Certificates
  • National level Certificates
  • SGFI Certificates

The National Certificates have value when you need sports marks and it will also help you to get some Relaxation when you apply for the Govt. job in India.

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