Mitron App To Replace TikTok in India ? Tiktok vs Mitron App Review

Have you Downloaded The New Mitron App ? Which is likely to replace Tiktok app in India – The New made in India app Mitron has Crossed over 5,00,000 Plus Downloads in Short Time.

Mitron App To Replace TikTok in India ? Tiktok vs Mitron App Review

Due to Fight between Youtube India Creators & Tiktok India Creators Tiktok app is facing problems Indian users has decided not to use tiktok & they gave low Rating to tiktok app in playstore. looks like Indian’s wants Govt. to ban this TikTok app.

To Replace Tiktok another app is made by Indian App Developers that is Mitron. it was published on playstore in the month of April. it has few Downloads that time but when the Youtube VS Tiktok issue became bigger Indian users decided to uninstall the Tiktok app & Users now switching to Mitron App.

Is Mitron App safe ?

In the latest interview India’s Cyber Cell experts said that Mitron App is not 100% Safe There are few things that need to be fixed. The privacy policy is weak. There is no Firewall or Software Security for Mitron App.

However that can be Done now, the Developers now have to make the platform safe & Form some Guidelines that ensure the users that their data is safe & they Can use the app without any Worries.

Mitron App Rating on Playstore

Mitron app has more then 5,00,000 Downloads & Most of the users are from India So the rating of This Mitron app is 4.o as now on the basis of nearly 3,00,000 Reviews.

Most of the Reviews is Suggesting that the app needs to be developed it has lots of problems The videos n the app loads slowly & Some users are facing problems in creating news videos etc.

Well this needs to be Fixed Soon by the Developers of the Mitron App Team may be that can be fixed with the latest updates.

Is Tiktok Safe to Use ?

Well It’s Not Fully Safe The Chinese Govt. Can ask for details of Tiktok users any time from the Company.

They Have no Guidelines no Restrictions that means there are no filters for kids, Adults.There is no Setting that will keep your kids away from the adult videos, or Some Specified Videos. so the young kids will see videos on Tiktok & try to follow the in real life.

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